A Guide for Disability Awareness Events On Your Campus

Planning events at a college can be daunting, but also very rewarding!  Speakers can demonstrate the power of the Disability experience and inspire students in ways that are long lasting and life changing.  Speakers can help to change attitudes of the larger college community and help people question what they think they know about disability.

Somethings to consider when booking a Disability awareness Speaker include:

  1. Contact the potential speaker or artist. Find out their fees, availability and what they have to offer.
  2. Follow the money! Investigate how to fund the speaker. Can different committees or departments collaborate to sponsor the event?
  3. Check to see if other events are scheduled. Remember, home coming and finals week may not be the best weeks to hold your event!
  4. Book your speaker!
  5. Collaborate with other department and committees for co-sponsorship. Even if they aren’t funding the speaker, you can use the help to get the word out.
Bonus Tip: Collaborate with a professor and hold the event during their class. That way you can guarantee your event will be well attended. The professor can work the event into the class. Works great for everyone!


Planning an event but not sure where to start or what to do?  Take a look at this guide intended for colleges wanting to educate their communities on disability issues.  Even if you are not at a college or you are producing non-Disability related events, this information can still be useful.

PULLING OFF A SUCCESSFUL EVENT ON YOUR COLLEGE CAMPUS:  https://ninagcomedian.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/pulling-off-a-successful-event-at-your-college-campus/

10 TIPS FOR MARKETING YOUR NEXT COLLEGE OR COMMUNITY EVENT:  https://ninagcomedian.wordpress.com/2015/08/10/10-tips-for-marketing-you-next-college-or-community-event/

FUNDING DISABILITY AWARENESS EVENTS ON YOUR COLLEGE CAMPUS:  https://ninagcomedian.wordpress.com/2014/02/06/funding-disability-awareness-events-on-your-college-campus/



Comedian Who Stutters Goes Beyond the Punch Lines

Sacramento, CA – Nina G bills herself as “The San Francisco Bay Area’s Only Female Stuttering Comedian”. Less obvious about this stand-up comedian, social activist, and author, is that she also has a learning disability.

Both Nina G’s stutter and her learning disability are subjects in her new one woman show, Stutterer Interrupted. In a world where people with disabilities are often portrayed solely as being inspirational, or are otherwise presented through the filter of perceptions of people without disabilities, Nina’s latest offering is a refreshingly authentic representation. An intensely personal work, Stutterer Interrupted is based on Nina’s own life experiences, with herself as the messenger. And Nina G has a lot to say!

The show covers everything from how Nina struggled in school, to learning from her parents what in means to be an advocate, to finding her voice, both as a woman with disabilities and as a stand up comedian. Stutterer Interrupted is carefully crafted in a way that validates the disability experience for both people with and without Disabilities.

Nina G has been challenging attitudes about Disability since she did stand-up for the first time in 2010. “How many people with Disabilities does it take to screw in a light bulb?” Answer: “One to screw it in and 5 able bodied people to say ‘You are such an inspiration!’” This joke is a favorite in Nina G’s stand-up routine. It brings to light (no pun intended) the struggle people with Disabilities have in an able-bodied society that reduces them to images of “inspirations” and “overcomers”.

Her solo piece came about as Nina G increasingly got requests to do longer shows and to perform at colleges. In developing her material, Nina weeded out bits of her nightclub act that would not be appropriate for some venues. In the process, Nina also discovered that she wanted her life experiences to go beyond fodder for jokes and punchlines; she wanted them to become teachable moments for audiences that validate the disability experience. And so, her one woman show, Stutterer Interrupted, was born.

“I really wanted to have some kind of avenue to talk about some of the things in my life and to take a longer time to delve into those experiences. This show gives me that opportunity”, says Nina.

Stutterer Interrupted  is not Nina G’s first foray into delving deeper into the subject of Disability advocacy. In 2014 she published Once Upon an Accommodation: a book about Learning Disabilities. The Second Edition includes  a workbook so that people with Learning Disabilities can develop their own voice in terms of advocating for themselves. The idea is that a child can use this book to facilitate a dialogue with a teacher or classmates, and adults can use this book  as well when asking for an accommodation for their child.

New for 2019 her book, Stutterer Interrupted: The Comedian Who Almost Didn’t Happen, is Nina’s memoir that chronicles her journey to and in stand up comedy.

Always striving to balance her strong activist voice with a good dose of comedy, Nina says, “There is an ongoing struggle of tending to be preachy but wanting to be funny at the same time. I think that’s a balance that I really need to have.” Nina goes on to emphasize:  “For the topic of disability it’s especially important to utilize humor as a tool to open up dialogue, because people’s defenses are so high.” Nina finds that people don’t want to talk about disabilities, which is ironic because, as she points out, “The Disabled Community is one of the few minority groups that people can join at absolutely any time in their life.”

You can catch Nina G in the one woman show, Stutterer Interrupted, on November 29, 2018 from 12:00-1:00pm at the Sacramento City College Student Center (labeled “STC” on the campus map: https://www.scc.losrios.edu/catalog/files/CampusMap.pdf). For more information go to, visit www.ninagcomedian.comNina-flyer_interrrupted-full_11-29-2018 final.jpg


Almost 75 ways to bring Universal Design for Learning into your college classroom

Thanks to all who participated in my workshop on Universal Design for Learning at the California Association of Postsecondary Education and Disability conference.  During the workshop we did a gallery walk to generate ideas of how to implement UDL into the classroom.  I am happy to report that you came up with 74 ways!  Check it out!

Comment on this post if you have tried anything new in the classroom since the workshop or have other ideas!


  • doing cotton ball passing game to demo dendrites
  • performance for assessment
  • role play
  • scavenger hunt
  • game to demonstrate such as monopoly
  • create something such as drawings, collages, or posters.
  • pair up with a partner sitting on the other side of the class.
  • informational interviews,
  • pottery class
  • gamifying the lecture.
  • make cards or slips of paper with items on them to have small groups. Organize them to create structures, outlines for writing or reading categories to support learning of concepts.
  • in content classes continuum line, have students physically placed themselves along a clear path of travel in the classroom or hallway to illustrate where they are on an issue or question
  • variation for coroners: have students go to the corner that best fits their response to the question or controversy. can be used to put students in discussion group early math with an abacus.
  • going to support programs around campus
  • service learning group projects,
  • put community or campus events on teach someone or present,
  • get out of the classroom,
  • completing case studies using TV or movie characters,
  • break up class into small groups to discuss and work together.
  • take a minimum five minutes minute break every hour.


  • videos
  • storytelling
  • guided meditation
  • tones for terms
  • prerecord articles through voice note function on your phone and post to Canvas for those who would like the auditory
  • have students read aloud important texts in class: “golden lines” from reading, selected paragraphs or quotations before discussing these terms. Terms and their own definitions to peer teach or check and monitor their own comprehension
  • to memorize, record the information, then listen to it.
  • debate
  • songs on the topic or the things.


  • 60 seconds,
  • powerpoint
  • videos,
  • program sheets,
  • flow charts,
  • diagrams,
  • graphic organizers (see inspiration.com),
  • screenshots of computer program processes or software.
  • picture of images (go to Google images)
  • While the matching words are said
  • create info graphics for almost any content
  • have students or teachers explain a concept in comic book form or to practice a sequence.
  • writing names of colors in the same color ink.
  • color coding main ideas, details with highlights, topic sentence in color or post its.
  • tangible objects instead of pictures,
  • pictures, memes, gifs,
  • youtube videos,
  • how to videos,
  • Kahoot
  • popcon,
  • use video material that they are interested in, which applies to what is being taught on canvas.
  • plan poster,
  • post powerpoints in advance,
  • summary of what we learned that worked.
  • create Study Guide and adding to it
  • posts all the texts accessible and advance in lecture.
  • Use simple statements/clear bullets. No heavy text.


  • find a way to remember students quickly,
  • opportunities to share stories and opinions.
  • thirty second reflection,
  • self reflection (metacognition) often projects, quizzes, inactivities,
  • peer support to your students.
  • try to arrive early to class, stay after class for questions and be present in your posted office hours.
  • talk time to connect on papers and demonstrations you are taking in vested interest in your students.
  • make the effort to get to know your students beginning of the semester.
  • ask  students to share a little about themselves, goals in the class for their learning style and he requested accommodations.
  • clips from movies or TV shows that connect to what we’re learning,
  • sharing personal and emotional stories that illustrate a theory
  • daily, checkins
  • bio. Introduce yourself to me and what your goals are.
  • emotional presentation,
  • icebreakers
  • sensory in recalling your memory,
  • Holland code and island hopping.
  • having students do primary research, interviews, surveys, small group discussion with question prompts.


Preview of my Book, Stutterer Interrupted!

“I have noticed that a large segment of the non-disabled population possess a miraculous superpower: whenever they are in the presence of someone with a disability, they are suddenly endowed with a PhD in that person’s condition.”

I am so happy toannounce that International Stuttering Awareness Day online conference has premiered a chapter from my upcoming book, Stutterer Interrupted: The Making of a Stuttering Stand Up Comedian!  Please check it out and sign up for updates and news about the the Summer 2019 release at http://www.StuttererInterrupted.com.

Click here for the sneak peak: http://isad.isastutter.org/…/stori…/stuttersplaining-nina-g/


Stuttering Comedian Nina G to Launch National Talk Tour

By Valerie Branch


August 1, 2018-Oakland, CA – What do you do when you are professionally funny for a living AND use your own experience as a person with disabilities to crush stigma and change attitudes?  Well, for stuttering comedian Nina G, you take it on the road in a series of presentations that are both funny and profound.  Much like Hannah Gadsby’s breakout Netflix special “Nannette”, Nina G blends her comedy “material” with her real life experiences for a unique tour you can see live!

Nina G connects with audiences from a variety of backgrounds across the nation, from comedy clubs to university conferences and within the pages of her books.  Fall 2018 Nina G is taking her show nation-wide.  Be sure to catch her live or book her for your event!


Oct 6: Dyslexia Awareness and Education: Community Center at the Market Place, Tustin, CA 

Oct 11: Central Michigan University – Stutterer interrupted 

Oct 19:  Pre-conference workshop for the California Association of Postsecondary Education and Disability: Learning Ramps-Teaching with Universal Design.

Oct: 25: Disability Awareness Celebration:  Mt. San Jacinto College


October 22 is international stuttering awareness day.  To celebrate, Nina G is taking her message of acceptance and awareness on the road!  She will be appearing in colleges and comedy shows all around the country talking about the experience of stuttering, having a learning disability, and learning to accept and overcome attitudes to educate people about her Disability experience.

Additional facts on stuttering:

•Stuttering impacts 1% of the adult population.

•3 million Americans are Stutterers.

•1 in 4 people who stutter are female.

•There’s no known cure for stuttering.

•Many people who stutter still experience discrimination.

About Nina G

Comedian – Nina G was the only woman who stuttered in the stand-up comedy world when she started eight years ago.  Now there are a few other women who stutter venturing on stage to tell their stories and make people laugh.  She produced the Comedians with Disabilities Act, a national touring comedy show featuring exclusively comedians with disabilities.  She also went on to produce the first compilation album to feature, as the the album title suggests, Disabled Comedy Only.  Nina G’s brand of comedy reflects the experiences of many with disabilities: the problem is not the people with disabilities but a society that isn’t always accessible or inclusive.

Author – Nina G’s first book, Once Upon An Accommodation: A Book About Learning Disabilities, helps both children and adults understand how to advocate for needed school-related accommodations. The book is inspired from her own childhood experience of having learning disabilities, stuttering, and being denied accommodations in her own education.

For more information about Once Upon an Accommodation: https://www.ninagcomedian.com/the-book

For more information on Stutterer Interrupted:The Making of a Stuttering Stand Up Comedian visit  www.Stuttererinterrupted.com

Professional Speaker – Nina G tours the country as a conference keynote speaker.  In addition to her Tedx Talk at San Jose State University she has presented at: the Montana Youth in Transition Conference, the Oregon Association on Higher Education and Disability, the Kansas Youth Leadership Forum, and various college campuses for Disability Acceptance Week/Disability Awareness Month including seminars on Universal Design in teaching and training.

For booking:  www.NinaGcomedian.com / Ninagbooking@gmail.com / 510-922-0179







#MyNameIsNotAJoke: A Stuttering Response to Starbucks

According to Valerie Russ of philly.com:

“A University of Pennsylvania graduate student says a Starbucks barista in West Philadelphia mocked him for his stuttering disorder last week — just 29 days after the company closed its nearly 800 U.S. stores for anti-bias training following the wrongful arrests of two black men at a Center City store.

The 28-year-old student, who is pursuing a doctorate at the Wharton School, said he was shocked when he ordered an iced coffee at a Starbucks in University City, only to have the barista mimic his name by saying: “OK, S-S-Sam.

It was even more disturbing when he realized while walking back to his office that the barista had written his name on the cup as ‘SSSam.’”

Source: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/starbucks-customer-cup-complaint-stutter-philadelphia-pennsylvania-20180702.html?__vfz=medium%3Dsharebar

Why is this such a big issue for the Stuttering Community? 

Many of us dread ordering in a restaurant and even worse saying our names, because so many of us stutter on it.  Countless times we have had people say things like, “did you forget your own name?”  Being made fun of when ordering your coffee isn’t a great way to start the day and many of us brace ourselves to the reactions others have to our speech. 

Starbucks, and other restaurants need to do a better job educating their staff who interact with the public.  Making fun of your customer is unacceptable!  Let’s educate not only Starbucks but anyone who deals with the public about stuttering and how we want people to react to our speech. 

Tweet, Facebook and Instagram what you want @starbucks and others to know.  Use your voice and stand up! If you don’t stutter, you can support by helping us spread the word about how we want to be treated.  The Disability community has the saying “nothing about us without us.”  People need to know that people who stutter have a voice and that voice needs to be heard by everyone!

Hashtags: #MyNameIsNotAJoke #SSStarbucks

The National Stuttering Association’s reaction: https://westutter.org/national-stuttering-association-responds-to-reports-of-incident-at-west-philadelphia-starbucks/


All Stuttering Comedy Show Comes to Chicago!

CHICAGO, Ill., Jun 12, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — As part of the 35th annual National Stuttering Association conference, a group of talented comedians will stand up for stuttering in “NSA Laughs!” Headlining the show is Nina G, an 8-year, stand-up comedy veteran and professional speaker. This stand-up comedy show is open to the public and is scheduled for Thursday, July 5 from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Sheraton Grand Chicago.

Nina G is also the author of “Stutterer Interrupted: The Making of a Stuttering Stand-Up Comedian,” (https://www.stuttererinterrupted.com/), which is scheduled to be released the summer of 2019.

Other comedians who are taking to the stage include: Tague Zachary, a seasoned pro who was most recently seen rocking out at the Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival with his solo show, “A Nerd and A Guitar;” Kinner Shah, a Los Angeles-based actor and comic who was featured on “First Nation’s Comedy Experience” (FNX Network), “TOSH.0” (Comedy Central) and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (FOX); and George Laday, an amateur comic who entertains for fun. He’s a long-time conference goer and this year’s host.

“I’m so excited to be part of this show,” Nina says. “It’s ideal to make people laugh while providing awareness – sharing wit and wisdom.”

Admission to the show is $10 for conference goers and $15 for the general public.

About Nina G:

Nina G is an entertainer and educator. She first stepped onto the stage after she was inspired by her experience at NSA where she was challenged to change her relationship with stuttering.

When she isn’t performing at comedy clubs like San Francisco’s Punchline or the Laugh Factory, she’s playing colleges or keynoting at conferences and training professionals. Nina is part of the comedy troupe, The Comedians with Disabilities Act, which brings laughter and awareness to audiences of all ages across the country.

Nina is also the author of a children’s book, “Once Upon An Accommodation: A Book about Learning Disabilities,” that helps children and adults advocate for their rights as a person with a disability. Nina’s one person show, “Going beyond Inspirational,” which debuted in 2015, is a comical exploration about growing up with learning and speech disabilities.

Learn more at: https://www.ninagcomedian.com/.

For more information about the National Stuttering Association, visit: https://westutter.org/.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NinaGComedian/

Watch a video clip here (YouTube):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYcNOXT9adc&feature=youtu.be

News Source: Nina G

Related link: https://www.ninagcomedian.com/

This press release was issued on behalf of the news source, who is solely responsible for its accuracy, by Send2Press Newswire. To view the original story, visit: https://www.send2press.com/wire/stutterers-showcase-stand-up-comedy-skills-at-national-stuttering-association-conference/



Free buttons for Stuttering Awareness Week!

Just for National Stuttering Awareness Week 2018!

I have been asked so many times, “where can I get that button that says ‘I stutter. You are just doing to have to wait for all my brilliant ideas!” In honor of Stuttering Awareness Week, I am sending buttons to the first 50 people in the United States who sign up for notifications about my forthcoming book: Stutterer Interrupted: The Making of a Stuttering Stand Up Comedian. Please check out the website and join for your free button!




SpeakerMatch Companion



April 12 I am on SpeakerMatch Radio and I wanted to offer a companion for some of the things I am talking about as well as a place for people to have dialogue with one another about best practices for getting and promoting college gigs.

Below are some resources that I will reference.  Please check them out!

PULLING OFF A SUCCESSFUL EVENT ON YOUR COLLEGE CAMPUS:  https://ninagcomedian.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/pulling-off-a-successful-event-at-your-college-campus/

10 TIPS FOR MARKETING YOUR NEXT COLLEGE OR COMMUNITY EVENT:  https://ninagcomedian.wordpress.com/2015/08/10/10-tips-for-marketing-you-next-college-or-community-event/

FUNDING DISABILITY AWARENESS EVENTS ON YOUR COLLEGE CAMPUS:  https://ninagcomedian.wordpress.com/2014/02/06/funding-disability-awareness-events-on-your-college-campus/

Slides from a presentation:  Going Beyond Inspirations and Simulations-Disability Awareness Events At Your College

My college press kit.


“Disrupt the Interruptions!” Stuttering comedian announces new one person show!

Disrupt the Interruptions!”

Stuttering comedian announces new one person show!

Nina G, the San Francisco Bay Area’s only female stuttering stand up comedian, is happy to announce her new one person show Stutterer Interrupted: The Making of a Stuttering Stand Up Comedian.  Nina G shares the story of her dream to become a comedian, how that dream went dormant and how she returned to it after a twenty-year journey towards finding acceptance, hope, and a community of people who shared a similar experience.”

In Nina’s words,“people who stutter encounter countless interruptions! But even worse than the interruptions by others are the interruptions I have put on myself because of the internalized stigmas about stuttering.  My dream of being a comedian stagnated because of this.  It’s important that we consciously disrupt the interruptions experienced by people who stutter.  These interruptions may happen when we are talking to others or when our internal voices interrupt us with negative beliefs about ourselves.”  For this stuttering comedian, she let her dream of stand up comedy die because she thought she had to be fluent.  Through challenging her own attitudes about what it means to stutter, she was able to reawaken this dream.   

Nina is touring the show this Spring and Summer with appearances across the country.  Special for Summer 2018 only, Nina is performing her one person show for nonprofits and colleges at a reduced rate. Contact NinaGbooking@gmail.com for more information. 

For more about Nina’s one woman show go to www.StuttererInterrupted.com

Insights from a stuttering comedian with dyslexia. These are my unedited thoughts. Grammar and spelling doesn't count on blogging, especially since it did I would never post!