My first post–The blog of a Stuttering-Learning Disability having-Comedian-Activist


I am reluctantly blogging! I actually hate writing! Despise it! Use entirely too many exclamation points! I am a stand up comedian who stutters and has a Learning Disability. In spite of the stuttering I love talking. Not the case for writing. It sucks! I hate the process because I feel that I have to go through drafts and drafts because of structure, grammar, spelling and all those things that I got red on my paper for while in school. My fantasy was to write my memoirs but that has been three years in the fantasizing. So I decided to open myself up and write it here. In my stand up, I stutter openly. I say I stutter and I just stutter—f-f-fuck it, right?! Well why not on a blog? Not the stuttering part but the Learning Disability-dyslexia part. I am choosing to let the little green and red lines dictate my editing. I am not having someone look at this before I publish it. I am just going to write. I am smart, most likely smarter than most good spellers and grammerers (ya, that’s a neologism–live with it). Obviously I am defensive because this is a difficult process for me and I want the reader to beware of any disjointed-ness and PLEASE don’t correct my spelling or grammar–just like you shouldn’t complete my sentences.

With that warm welcome of self-disclosures, I welcome you to my blog. I hope to share my experiences as a woman with multiple disabilities who sees herself as an activist using humor as a way to express my perspective and hopefully move along the conversation of whatever I am talking about.

Thank you for checking out my blog. You can become a fan of me on Facebook at and find my videos on Youtube at NinaGcomic. I look forward to comments ranging from “women aren’t funnny,” to “you are such an inspiration (which I only allow if you actually have a disability and I reflect on your experiences)                                               dick jokes


One thought on “My first post–The blog of a Stuttering-Learning Disability having-Comedian-Activist”

  1. Lol “social justice through dick jokes” – LOVE IT!! (Also if anybody tells you that you’re using too many exclamation marks, they’re lying!!!!!!)

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