Reframing the Stuttering Iceberg

reframe stuttering

This is a concept that I developed years ago but since I didn’t have a blog and all that it remained somewhere deep in my computers memory (and then was lost).  The Stuttering Iceberg is something that is often talked about in our circles.  I think it is a great metaphor for for stuttering, because for many of us the act of stuttering is the least of our problems.  Stuttering is what you see and what you as the listener have to deal with.  Meanwhile there is a plethora of emotions, feelings, and behaviors that we engage that no one sees.  The Stuttering Iceberg helps to explain a lot of what we go through but I also think that there is room to expand on it.

You can look at something from multiple perspectives.  One part of the iceberg may look one way but then another perspective may bring a different perception of it.  I believe that stuttering can be reframed.  It is important for us to consider how to reframe our experiences in order to heal from the effects of stuttering.  Stuttering in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, it is its interaction in the environment that results in the bottom part of the iceberg.  My model displayed here proposes that the original iceberg can be altered so that we have a different experience of stuttering.

I will be writing more about this in future posts, but I just got a trial of Photoshop and I also wanted to show off my work.


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