What’s So Funny About Disability Awareness

How is your university, school, or organization planning to raise Disability Awareness this year?  Why not raise awareness with laughter?

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Nina G is America’s only female stuttering stand up comedian in addition to author, speaker, and educator.  She has made countless audiences laugh while educating them about disability issues and equality.  Nina breaks down stigma, raises awareness and helps people reach their potential as allies to the Disability community.  Audiences have included college students and instructors, speech therapists, K-12 educators, helping professionals (psychologists, social workers, counselors, etc…), and even mainstream audiences at comedy clubs like the San Francisco Punchline and Los Angeles’s Laugh Factory.   


Nina works solo as a public speaker and educator and also tours with the comedy troupes: The Comedians with Disabilities Act and Feminist Tendencies (an all female comedy troupe aimed to empower diverse young women).  Whatever your event, she is able to work collaboratively to meet the needs of your organization.  Examples of presentations include:      

  • Motivational Speaking and storytelling/question and answer/meet and greet (1.5 hours)
  • Disability Awareness presentation, activities and discussion (varies 1-3 hours)
  • Teacher training on universal design for the classroom for elementary, high school, or college (varies 1-3 hours)
  •      Classroom/Small group discussions on specific topics:

                – Overcoming obstacles to success

                – Self-esteem and Disability

               – Study Skills

               – Advocacy

               – General information about stuttering and/or learning disabilities

For more information on Nina G at NinaGcomedian.com.  Check out her latest video “Nina G: Inspirational Speaker” (includes some adult language).  Additionally, Nina wrote a guide for colleges on how to fund disability awareness events.     



About Nina G

Nina was diagnosed with a Learning Disability and began to stutter while in elementary school. She struggled to deal with teachers who underestimated her abilities, teasing from peers and family members, and issues of self-esteem. Nina was raised in the Oakland area and attended UC Berkeley where the roots of the Disability Movement took place, solidifying her identity as a person with a disability, one she sees with cultural and political empowerment.  This coupled with supportive parents has helped Nina not to overcome her disability but to overcome the attitudes about what women and girls with disabilities can achieve.  She often writes and talks about her experience from special education student to achieving her doctorate.