31 Days of Disability Awareness

Here is the plan!  October is something like Employee the Disabled/Dyslexia/Learning Disabilities/everything else Awareness month along with Oct 22 being Stuttering Awareness Day.  To celebrate I am hoping to post each and every day in October.  I can’t promise that I will have brand new stuff every day, but hopefully I will have something!  Please look for it and thanks for supporting my blog.—-Nina G

What People with Disabilities are thinking when you call them inspirations….

what dis thinkDescription: Picture of men sitting around a table from the movie Goodfellas. Caption: “What People with Disabilities think when you call them inspirations: ‘Let me understand this … cuz maybe its me, maybe I’m a little fucked up. I’m inspirational how, I mean inspirational, like I’m an inspiration? I inspire you. I make you inspired? I’m here to fuckin’ inspire you? Whattya you mean inspiration? Inspiration how? How am I inspiring?’”