DVP: Nina, Kathy and Jerry G

Hey! I know them!

Disability Visibility Project

Nina G interviewed her parents, Kathy and Jerry G on September 11, 2014, at StoryCorps San Francisco for the Disability Visibility Project.

This is the first of two blog posts about their conversation. Below are approximate excerpts from their recording.

Growing up with a hearing loss in the 1940s and 50s

Nina: So, Dad, can you tell me a bit about your disability experience before you met mom?

Jerry: Okay. I have had hearing loss since birth. So, all through, you know, [my] formative years…I couldn’t hear and we used to go to specialists, my parents were trying to find the magic cure, and I’ve gone through radiation treatment. I’ve gone through people looking inside my ear to see if there’s anything wrong and it’s basically a nerve damage.

Nina: You had radiation? That sounds unusual. Can you talk more about that and where that came from?

Jerry: Yeah, my parents took…

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