Disability Community Tweet-in: Trump’s book #CrippledAmerica

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Caption.  Tweet from Donald Trump’s page.  Picture of Trumps book (hair and all) with caption “Exclusive Live Book Singing with Mr. Trump.  Join Mr. Trump for a live Discussion…”  The tweet that accompanies the picture reads: “Order signed copy of CRIPPLED AMERICA & have the opportunity to submit questions live streaming book signing 12/3.”



There has been much said about Donald Trumps comments of reporter Serge Kovaleski.  He followed up the statement by defending himself with tweets declaring, “virtually no-one has spent more money in helping the American people with disabilities than me.”  People are shocked at his statements!  How could he say such things about people with disabilities.  Of course, people criticizing him are not necessarily joining the fight for Disability rights or educating themselves about issues that impact our community.

Ironically enough, Trump recently published his new book, Crippled America.  Let that sink in for a second.  OH THE IRONY!!

In protest to Trump’s initial remarks of Kovaleski and subsequent comments about how much money he has spent on people with disabilities, I propose we have a TWEET-IN protest (just like a sit-in).  To help educate Trump and the rest of the US about the American Disability experience,  tweet #CrippledAmerica (a hash tag he has used to publicize his book released this month).  Share your experiences of life, love, barriers, employment, parenting, sex, art and everything else that represents real Disabled Americans!  Let’s make our experiences heard!  #CrippledAmerica #DisabilityPride #Empowerment



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