#ThinkDifferently about LD/ADHD

ed rev

April 16, 2016 is Ed rev. This year’s theme is “a day to think a little differently” with keynote speaker and author of World War Z, Max Brooks!  Ed Rev celebrates the LD (Learning Disability) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) communities.  It is a day to recognize our talents, challenges, civil rights and to foster self-esteem and empowerment of our community.

Gearing up for Ed Rev we are going to bring the party online!  All this week and at Ed Rev we will take to social media with the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram hashtag #ThinkDifferently to celebrate our community.  Whether you are an individual with LD/ADHD, family member or advocate, join us in showing your pride and educating others about LD/ADHD.  Post pictures, artwork, videos, blogs and whatever else to show how you #ThinkDifferently or want others to #ThinkDifferently about LD/ADHD.  .

Don’t know what to post?  Here are some ideas!

The real deal about LD/ADHD!  There are a lot of myths.  Counter those with how LD/ADHD really impacts your live.  How do you want people to #ThinkDifferently about LD/ADHD?

Who are your favorite people with LD/ADHD?  Famous? Not-so-famous? Historical? Innovators (because you know there are a ton of those)?  

What facts/stats should people know about LD/ADHD?

How are you empowered as a person with LD/ADHD or as a parent?  Share your experiences!  How are you a self-advocate?

How does having LD/ADHD helps someone to #ThinkDifferently?  In what ways are you or someone you know innovative?  

Why is finding LD/ADHD community important?  

What makes you a proud parent of an individual with LD/ADHD?



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