Stuttering Authentically

Stuttering Authentically is the first of many videos that you will see on this blog.  Check out the video with the transcript below.  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or on the youtube video!  Thanks for checking this out!


Watch the video: Stuttering Authentically

I was in speech till I was in high school. 4% of the childhood population stutters, and 1% of the adult population does. And that could, in part, be because of spontaneous recovery.

Now, if you are a girl who stutters, and it’s a ratio is for every 4 stutterers, only 1 is a female, which makes your odds at a stuttering conference very good, if you’re a straight woman.  But if you stutter and have a learning disability and you’re a girl, you’re not less likely to not stutter as an adult. So you’re probably going to stutter. And that’s all stuff in the brain.

Now, the strategies that I learned to control my speech or to manage my speech [draws out words really long] were to talk like this and prolong my words. I didn’t stutter, but was that interesting, was that fun? No. That wasn’t fun for any of us.

And so for some people, it works. For some people who may stutter “covertly,” they may talk around their stutter.  For me, with dyslexia, I come up with like two words or three words for the word that I’m going to stutter on, and likely that third word is probably a vulgar word. So I can’t use that in the workplace.

Our authentic selves, and no matter who you are, whether you stutter or not, it’s really important to be your most authentic self and do that whichever way that is.

Sometimes, our society wants you to act a certain way, and especially in academia, I’ve always found you know, this is how I talk, the way that I spoke this evening.

This didn’t work that good when I was talking a psychology class in my doctorate program, when I was like, “You know what? Freud hella sucks!”

And they’re like, “She said that. Why’d she say it like that.”

[audience laughs]

But it’s really important for you to stay authentic to who you are. And for me, part of that is speaking the way I do.

MAN: Absolutely. Thank you.

NINA: Thanks.



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