“Disrupt the Interruptions!” Stuttering comedian announces new one person show!

Disrupt the Interruptions!”

Stuttering comedian announces new one person show!

Nina G, the San Francisco Bay Area’s only female stuttering stand up comedian, is happy to announce her new one person show Stutterer Interrupted: The Making of a Stuttering Stand Up Comedian.  Nina G shares the story of her dream to become a comedian, how that dream went dormant and how she returned to it after a twenty-year journey towards finding acceptance, hope, and a community of people who shared a similar experience.”

In Nina’s words,“people who stutter encounter countless interruptions! But even worse than the interruptions by others are the interruptions I have put on myself because of the internalized stigmas about stuttering.  My dream of being a comedian stagnated because of this.  It’s important that we consciously disrupt the interruptions experienced by people who stutter.  These interruptions may happen when we are talking to others or when our internal voices interrupt us with negative beliefs about ourselves.”  For this stuttering comedian, she let her dream of stand up comedy die because she thought she had to be fluent.  Through challenging her own attitudes about what it means to stutter, she was able to reawaken this dream.   

Nina is touring the show this Spring and Summer with appearances across the country.  Special for Summer 2018 only, Nina is performing her one person show for nonprofits and colleges at a reduced rate. Contact NinaGbooking@gmail.com for more information. 

For more about Nina’s one woman show go to www.StuttererInterrupted.com

Speaking At Colleges — How to Get In

NSA-8-2065 copy.jpg

SpeakerMatch Teleseminar series announces guest Nina G!

60 minute teleseminar on April 12, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. Central Time

Jerry Seinfeld said a lot of comedians won’t play colleges because the students are “too PC [politically correct].” Nina G says, “more gigs for the rest of us!” Nina G is a stuttering comedian and dyslexic writer. Nina has performed all over the U.S. and is a favorite among colleges as a comedian, trainer and keynote speaker. As a speaker she knows what colleges look for and how to help them make the most out of their events. As a counselor at a California Community College, she has planned and executed events and knows what barriers schools encounter at an institutional level.

What You Will Learn:

  • Is the college and university audience right for you?
  • What you and your meeting planner need to consider before booking
  • Connecting your topic to serve the college’s goals
  • How the right press kit can save colleges time and money
  • How to help colleges pull an audience in
  • Where’s the money at? How does budgeting a speaker work, how we are paid, and selling our swag

Register here!

Survey: Disability Events on College Campuses


If you have ever coordinated a college or community event you know your greatest fear: will they come?

For those of us who coordinate Disability events, this is all too real of a fear.  I know that I have planned or been the speaker at events where there was barely an audience.  Through years of failures and successes I know there are considerations that need to be made when planning events.

In April 2018 I will be appearing on Speaker Match Radio to help speakers and college event coordinators understand the perils and successes in hosting events.  As part of the interview, I am hoping to collect responses from college community members who have put on Disability-oriented events.  I will share the results on this blog to help others (and myself) navigate event planning and engage dialogue about having successful events.

The survey should only take a couple of minutes.  Please fill it out if this applies to you or share with others!

Survey link: https://goo.gl/forms/wI31FQcMjAbG49fx2