9 Year Comedy-versary

9 year comedy

Since I was 11 years old I wanted to be a stand up comedian.  That dream died in my late teens because I had never seen anyone who stuttered like I did doing comedy.  Almost 20 years later I the dream was realized.

I don’t know the exact day that I started stand up comedy.  I was a little freaked out about  starting the thing I had always wanted.  Other than my parents, no one knew I was taking a class at the San Francisco Comedy College where I would step onto a stage for the first time.

Some where between late February and early March is my Comedy-versary.  This year it will be nice years!  To celebrate I wanted to share an excerpt from my book and one from my act about realizing my dream to become a comedian.

The following is a excerpt from my upcoming book Stutterer Interrupted: The Comedian Who Almost Didn’t Happen.

“Looking back at it now, all my future happiness hinged on that one decision to get up on stage. I have met some of my best friends in the trenches of San Francisco comedy, an assorted gaggle of misfits baring their souls to strangers in dive bars and laundromats. Comedy put me on the path to embracing all aspects of myself, allowing me to express my ideas on my own terms and become a professional speaker. Funny how people are more impressed with “stuttering dyslexic comedian” than “kinda funny unpublished academic with a doctorate,” even though I’m still the same person. It’s just a shift of perspective.

Shifting your perspective: that is key.”

From the Invisible Disabilities Show at the Punch Line Sacramento…

When And How Do You Disclose You Stutter?

How do you Disclose your stuttering?


Every new situation for me as a person who stutters is a struggle of when and if I disclose.  Ordering at a restaurant, should I let them know?  Talking to someone at the cable company on the phone…do I tell them?  I got pulled over the other day and I definitely told the police officer!

In this video I joke about my favorite way to disclose (what I really mean when I say).  What are your favorite ways to disclose your stuttering?