Bio: Nina G was the only woman who stuttered in the stand-up comedy world when she started nine years ago. She co-produces the Comedians with Disabilities Act, a national touring comedy show featuring exclusively comedians with disabilities. She also produces the first compilation album to feature Disabled Comedy Only. Nina's brand of comedy reflects the experiences of many with disabilities. She tours the country as a conference keynote speaker including at a TEDx talk at San Jose State University. She lives in Oakland and performs all over the country and weekly in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her book Stutterer Interrupted: The Comedian Who Almost Didn't Happen debuted August 2019. Nina G bills herself as “The San Francisco Bay Area’s Only Female Stuttering Comedian.” On stage, she encounters the occasional heckler, but off stage she is often confronted with people’s comments toward her stuttering; listeners completing her sentences, inquiring, “Did you forget your name?” and giving unwanted advice like “slow down and breathe” are common. (As if she never thought about slowing down and breathing in her over thirty years of stuttering!) When Nina started comedy nearly ten years ago, she was the only woman in the world of stand-up who stuttered―not a surprise, since men outnumber women four to one amongst those who stutter and comedy is a male-dominated profession. Nina’s brand of comedy reflects the experience of many people with disabilities in that the problem with disability isn’t in the person with it but in a society that isn’t always accessible or inclusive. Reviews of Stutterer Interrupted: “An edgy, thought-provoking, and informative insider’s view of a frequently misunderstood disability.”―Kirkus Reviews “Whip-smart, bighearted, and laugh-out-loud funny. Stutterer Interrupted is a must-read for anyone who cares about building a more equitable and inclusive world.” ―Jonathan Mooney, author of Normal Sucks and Learning Outside the Lines “‘How can some pauses and a few extra syllables take control of a person’s life?’ Nina G tackles this question with a style that is both deliciously profane and skin-wide-open self-revealing. Stutterer Interrupted speaks to the successful lives we can build if we embrace our idiosyncrasies and help others do the same, rather than seeing ourselves as broken and needing repair. ―Barry Yeoman, freelance magazine and radio journalist

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  1. Dear Nina,

    I have been asked on behalf of staff within my organisation to seek permission to use an image on your website with our speech and language therapy staff. Can you give me an email address to formalise this request?

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Insights from a stuttering comedian with dyslexia. These are my unedited thoughts. Grammar and spelling doesn't count on blogging, especially since it did I would never post!

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