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#DDDetainedInAtlanta: What the Atlanta Airport Needs to Know About Stuttering

This past week Kylah Simmons (pictured below) was coming back from a study abroad trip in Costa Rica when she was detained for stuttering at the Atlanta Airport. You can hear and read more about her experience on her interview with StutterTalk.

It is always alarming when people who stutter are detained, discriminated against or treated badly because of their speech, but in this case the Atlanta Airport better shape up and fast!  The 11th World Congress on Stuttering teams up with the National Stuttering Association in July for a conference.  Guess where?  Atlanta!!  Literally, there will be over one thousand people who stutter (including myself) going through that very airport.  Needless to say, they better get educated!

What better way to educate the Atlanta Airport and the rest of the world than through a Twitter campaign!

Let’s take to Twitter to educate the Atlanta Airport and the world about stuttering under the hashtag #DDDetainedInAtlanta.  Be sure to tag their Twitter handle: @ATLairport.  Tweet what you think they should know and advocate for more training of their employees—especially for the influx of people who stutter in July!  Believe me Atlanta Airport, you don’t have enough rooms to detain us in July!!

We have a voice!